Jim Masterson presenting at DMACC iWeek March 3rd

Jim Masterson, LightEdge CEO, will be participating in the CEO/Executive round table at DMACC‘s iWeek event on Thursday, March 3rd.  Jim is a dynamic speaker and has a wealth of experience in driving the sales and marketing in a business, raising capital, preparing a company for a change in ownership and instilling passion in the corporate culture.  Please take time to visit iWeek CEO Round Table 1:00 to 3:00 on March 3rd at the DMACC West Campus - http://www.dmacc.edu/ci/iweek.asp

About iWeek:

This year’s theme “Ideas in Action” will feature more than 130 people who have successfully applied new ideas and added value to our community and culture. Throughout iWeek 2011, students and the general public will be exposed to a large number of interactive workshops, seminars and activities focused on innovation and the value it adds to our lives.

As our world continues to rapidly evolve, we must plan and prepare for this change. iWeek 2011 is designed to showcase Central Iowa’s best entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (those who function like entrepreneurs within larger organizations). They will share their stories and knowledge to prepare students and business owners alike for the shifting economy that lies ahead. Speakers will focus on the following topics:


  • Leadership
  • Franchising
  • Technology & Critical Thinking
  • Human Resources
  • Multi-Generational Issues
  • Psychological & Sociological Issues


  • Sales
  • Product Development
  • Networking & Social Media
  • Creativity


  • Accounting
  • Debt & Equity Relationships
  • Bootstrapping
  • Raising Capital


  • Logistics & Planning
  • Lean/Green Manufacturing

iWeek 2011 will culminate on Thursday, March 3, 2011 with a CEO Round-Robin event beginning at 1 p.m. and a CEO Panel Presentation beginning at 3:30 p.m. The CEO Panel Presentation will include:

  • Dennis Albaugh, a DMACC graduate and one of the most successful self-made people in the United States
  • Lloyd Hill, co-founder of American Equity, one of the largest underwriters of annuities in the country
  • Connie Wimer, founder of the Des Moines Business Record and DSM Magazine
  • Fred Buie, CEO of Keystone Electrical Manufacturing and a leader and innovator in the field of human services
  • Sarah Grant, CEO/Founder of Sticks and Renowned Artist

The panel discussion will be followed by a Regional Business After Hours event which will feature
networking, food and beverages.

The general public is invited to the entire week’s events.

Cloud solutions can make disaster recovery, business continuity easier

Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, they get better.

I was talking recently to an architect who works for a very large technology provider. During our conversation, he contended that the cloud was making it easier for vendors to bypass the CIO. That way, salespeople can pitch the vice president of marketing directly about buying their cloud-based software and — maybe the best part — not have to involve IT in the selection, implementation or support processes.

For this reason and others, we might think that the cloud makes things worse. From my own perspective, however, the availability of cloud-based products also can make things much better.

For example, disaster recovery and business continuity planning is a lot easier now than it was just a few years ago. In the old days (you know — a few years ago) if you wanted a cold, warm or hot site, you had to build it yourself. And justifying such an investment was always a challenge. I found it difficult, even with a generous board of directors, to convince people to spend money on something we hoped we would never have to use.

Read the rest of the article - http://searchcio.techtarget.com/tip/Cloud-solutions-can-make-disaster-recovery-business-continuity-easier?asrc=EM_NLT_13343731&track=NL-983&ad=815409




LightEdge Finalist for Technology Association of Iowa Prometheus Award

The Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) and LWBJ Financial recently announced LightEdge Solutions as a finalist for the sixth annual Prometheus Awards. The Prometheus Awards is the technology industry’s premier celebration of extraordinary achievements among high-tech businesses and individuals.

This year’s winners will be announced at an evening ceremony at the Meadows Convention Center in Altoona. Hundreds of industry leaders from business, education, and government are expected to be in attendance.

2011 Prometheus Award Finalists

Technology Company of the Year (Small/Medium)
Caleris; Involta; MobileDemand; Submittal Exchange, LLC

Technology Company of the Year (Large/Enterprise)
Diamond V; Genova Technologies; LightEdge Solutions; WebFilings

Software Company of the Year (Small/Med)

DoExtra Corporation; GCommerce; GlobalVetLink; Submittal Exchange, LLC

Software Company of the Year (Large/Enterprise)
Dice Holdings, Inc.; WebFilings

IT Service Provider of the Year
Alliance Technologies; DoExtra Corporation; Far Reach Technologies, Inc.

Health IT Innovation
Alliance Technologies; Health Ventures, LLC; Iowa Health System; Iowa Health System Center for Clinical Transformation

Clean Technology Company of the Year
PowerFilm, Inc.

Best User of Technology
Brownells; GCommerce; Nationwide Insurance; Ovation Networks, Inc.; Vision 1, LLC

Innovation in Teaching
East Marshall High School; Southeast Polk High School

CIO/CTO of the Year
Doug Fick, Principal Financial Group; Jason Popillion, GCommerce; Joy Grosser, Iowa Health System; Shane Neuerburg, Dwolla

CEO of the Year
Beth Cross, Sigler Companies; Bruce Lehrman, Involta; Jack Perry, Syncbak, Inc.; Steven Smith, GCommerce

Student Innovation of the Year
Book Hatchery

Breakout Company of the Year
BodyViz; Dwolla; Genova Technologies; SENSR, LLC; SmartyPig

Life Sciences Company of the Year
Diamond V; Harrisvaccines, Inc.; Terpenoid Therapeutics, Inc.

Outstanding StartUp Company of the Year
Dwolla; Harrisvaccines, Inc.; Legosys Solutions; Syncbak, Inc.

Eliminate IT Silos with Converged Data Center Infrastructure


I found this article to be interesting as it deals with a growing problem that IT Administrators face as companies grow.  “IT sprawl” makes it difficult to manage platforms because of the lack of standardization as a company moves from one vendor’s platform to another.  One solution is converging to unified platforms in a data center.  This takes the idea of building infrastructure to designing the model and utilizing Infrastructure-as-a-Service to fulfill your platform needs.


Converged data center infrastructure promises to banish IT silos

By Laura Smith, Features Writer

15 Feb 2011 | SearchCIO.com

One of the biggest data center infrastructure challenges that IT executives face is the management of disparate technologies and standards. For decades, they’ve implemented various parts of the puzzle — servers, routers, storage and management — only to wind up with IT silos. Emerging converged infrastructure technologies could alleviate this management challenge and connect those silos for on-demand resource sharing.

“Way back when, convergence was voice and data,” recalled Jeffrey Kaplan, managing director of ThinkStrategies Inc., a consultancy in Wellesley, Mass. Today’s convergence “is around centralized control of a traditional data center environment, while at the same time permitting self-service provisioning around authorized end users,” he said.

Read the rest of the article - http://searchcio.techtarget.com/news/2240032093/Converged-data-center-infrastructure-promises-to-banish-IT-silos?asrc=EM_NLN_13300185&track=NL-964&ad=813750



LightEdge hires T. J. Bangs for VP of Sales Position

T. J. BangsLightEdge Solutions is pleased to announce that we have hired industry veteran T. J. Bangs to head our sales department.  T. J. brings a wealth of experience with over 15 years in technology from designing and implementing infrastructure and fiber rings, to sales and consulting management.  Most recently T. J. was with RSM McGladrey, a full-service Assurance, Tax and Business Consulting firm, as the Director of Technology Consulting.

T. J.’s technical skill sets will allow him to understand our breadth of services and be able to take conversations to a very deep level to understand customer needs and develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.  He is currently a Certified VMware Sales Professional and Certified EMC sales professional and has in-depth knowledge of virtualization, storage platforms, Disaster Recovery, strategic IT planning and networking.

LightEdge unveils new online customer portal

Today LightEdge launched a newly designed online customer portal which will give customers more control and accessibility to information regarding their services.  This first version contains all of the features of the previous portal with much improved navigation and a more intuitive dashboard display.  Future versions of the tool will include access to Invoices, real-time updates of usage-based services, Alerts/communications, Pending Install status and more.

If you are a current customer, please take a few minutes to review the new portal at https://my.lightedge.com.  There is a tutorial available on the site, although the portal is extremely intuitive to use.


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