LightEdge Hires David Flagel as part of Consulting Department Expansion

New hire is a networking and security expert with Cisco CCDE, Cisco CCIE and CISSP®-ISSAP® Certifications

Des Moines, IA, September 5, 2012 – LightEdge is pleased to announce that the company has hired David Flagel as a Consulting Network Architect as part of a recent expansion of the company’s IT Consulting Department.  David’s wealth of experience, skillsets and certifications will help to expand the scope and capabilities of the LightEdge consulting team to better service customers.

David’s background includes high-level networking and security positions with Wells Fargo, Wellmark, AT&T and Cisco. His networking credentials include Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE), Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSP®-ISSAP®).  Most recently David has utilized his talents in IT consulting focused positions with BMC Software and EMC Corporation.

“The consulting team is excited to have someone of David’s caliber join the company,” said Chad Gustafson, director of consulting. “David’s background will certainly elevate the networking and security capabilities for the team and raise the bar for the consulting department as a whole.”

In addition to his technical knowledgebase, David is also certified in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).  Simply put, ITIL is an industry model for managing IT services and operations based on widely accepted and dynamically changing best practices.  LightEdge Solutions has strategically migrated support and operational practices to ITIL-based standards over the past two years to better support its customer base.

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About LightEdge Solutions

LightEdge Solutions is a customer-centric cloud computing and consulting company devoted to solving the IT issues of businesses nationwide. By utilizing our economies of scale, connections with world-class vendors and our own internal passion for engineering, LightEdge allows its customers to “plug in” to enterprise-grade IT solutions that maximize uptime and performance, yet fit into their budget. For more information, visit


Top Three Support Features –

In the past year, there have been different features added to the customer portal for LightEdge services that make it even more user-friendly. With all of the new options, though, you may be asking yourself which features should I really take advantage of that would make the most impact. Here are the top three features that you can use within the portal to help with your service support.

View status of trouble tickets

Simply login to MYLE and view the status of any open trouble tickets without emailing or calling into the NOC. You can also open trouble tickets from the portal.

View bandwidth usage

If your connection seems to be slower than usual, you can login and see if you are nearing the maximum bandwidth of your connection. If that is the case, you can contact LightEdge, to discuss possible solutions to the issue. If that’s not the case, and you feel there is an issue, you can open a trouble ticket online.

Make DNS changes

You can make your own changes to your DNS, eliminating the need to submit a change request and the queue for processing that request.

There are many more features out on to help you manage your account for admins and other official contacts at your company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact LightEdge support at or call 1-877-771-3343 for more details.

LightEdge Engineer speaks at Puppet Labs event

To begin with…No – LightEdge did not send one of their engineers to learn all about puppetry this week. Rather, our engineer was asked to speak at a Puppet Camp event in Chicago, Illinois. Puppet Labs is a software development firm that created an IT automation software for system administrators. After presenting to the Linux User Group in January about Puppet at LightEdge, Matt Patterson, LightEdge engineer, was asked to present at the Chicago Puppet Camp this past Monday (July 23rd). Puppet Camps are community oriented gatherings of Puppet users and developers to allow for networking, best practice sharing, and opportunities to discuss potential implementations that are held all over the globe. Matt was asked to speak about how LightEdge uses Puppet and some lessons learned along the way. It was a great opportunity for him to connect with other experts in that field and bring back even more knowledge to LightEdge and their customers on this rapidly growing product.

Questions to ask before moving to the cloud

By Matt Patterson, LightEdge Engineer

Everyone is talking about Cloud these days? Are you in the cloud? Is your infrastructure cloud ready? What the heck is the cloud? You may already be using the cloud and just don’t know it.

With all the talk of the cloud of what it is and what it isn’t, there’s a general agreement that at some point, you’re going to have a conversation about moving your infrastructure out of your four walls and what that really means to your organization. Whether you’ve taken the leap already or are planning to in the near future, it makes sense to fully understand certain considerations that help lead to a successful platform.

Questions to ask

When evaluating a shared cloud provider, you should be asking some of these questions (and many more pertaining to your particular needs) to make sure that you are prepared for various scenarios that can develop. Even the well known names have the occasional issues. It’s best to, at a minimum, consider what your plan is for different situations to make sure you are making the best decisions for your company.

  • Access to the VM. Do you have a remote console access? Do you need to VPN in to then RDP or SSH? What level of security is offered by default to your VM?
  • Backups! Even though your workloads are now virtualized instead of running on a physical server, you still need to be able to both successfully back up the data and successfully recover in a timely fashion. Test your backups and make sure that you can recover the necessary data to be up and running within your recovery window.
  • Access to support. One of the tricks to use when checking out cloud providers is to see how fast they will respond to a phone or email inquiry. When you call their support number, are you in a long queue before you get a real person? If you leave a voice mail, do you get a return call that day? How about email? What’s the response time? Do they have an online chat that you can use? How comfortable are you with the response you received before you have an actual issue?
  • Brick and Mortar. For the truly tech savvy folks out there, you want to know that the physical facility that your virtual bits are going into can stand up to the various outage-causing issues that may come its way. Not everyone is going to be able to take a data center tour based on your geographic location. But hopefully you can find information about the facility on a web site or with a quick chat with someone from sales. Mother Nature has a habit of taking out the biggest of the power grids. Is the data center prepared to run for a while without power? What happens when the generators run out of fuel? Is the facility on multiple power grids?
  • If you are a high end site that can’t handle much downtime, then you’ve probably made the investment to have your workloads in multiple data centers. One thing you’ll want to make clear – If datacenter A goes down, is there any limitation either of your application or the data center itself that relies on the other data center. You should be fully separated and able to run active/active if you truly want to mitigate downtime. This is often an area that can haunt a company who has put a lot of hard work (and money) into making their environment as redundant as possible.

Is this a fully comprehensive list of everything you need to ask your cloud provider? No, but it does give you a good starting point. Physical servers and cloud servers…they’re not that different. Ask the right questions and be comfortable with your level of risk.

Happy computing!

LightEdge Team Members are True Warriors

This past weekend, more than a dozen LightEdge team members and spouses participated in the first ever Warrior Dash to be held in Iowa. The race took the team up and down steep trails through the woods, over dry creek beds and over / under 12 obstacles placed throughout the 3+ mile course. They pushed themselves to complete obstacles that included jumping old cars, climbing cargo net walls, jumping fire lines and wading through the final obstacle – a mud pit – while ducking under barbed wire. It was a race that pushed the team to their limits, especially given the hot summer weather, and one that will not be forgotten any time soon. They proved themselves to be true warriors and are looking forward to recruiting even more team members to participate next year!


LightEdge goes outdoors to support Easter Seals

LightEdge team members were very busy this past week sprucing up our adopted garden at Easter Seals’ Camp Sunnyside Child Development Center! The undertaking this summer was not quite as painful as last year when we worked through severe downpours, so we were able to cruise through it all in much less time…good news for those who were scheduled to be out there Wednesday afternoon in the 100+ degree heat!

This year, we cleaned up the weeds, installed new wood edging and a trellis bench. The team also painted the playground sign as a finishing touch. Easter Seals, and the parents of the children who attend the CDC, are very appreciative of the effort and comment frequently on how great the garden looks. The team at LightEdge is proud of our connection to a great organization and happy to have the garden looking great for the upcoming Easter Seals Regatta on July 19th!

For more information on Easter Seals, visit their website.



LightEdge Hires VP of Customer Operations

Vice President of Customer OperationsCloud Computing Company Continues to Set the Bar for Customer Service

LightEdge Solutions, a leading provider in cloud computing business services, announced today the hire of a new Vice President of Customer Operations to oversee the company’s support operations and expand on a strategic focus for improving areas in all departments related to customer satisfaction.

Jake Gibson, previously Director of Information Technology with Eurofins, has accepted the VP of Customer Operations and is becoming acclimated to LightEdge’s service portfolio and support processes.  Jake has over 20 years of experience in information technology, both as a hands-on network engineer and as an IT director, leading teams of IT professionals in project implementation and process improvement.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have Jake onboard to manage and further develop our team and processes,” announced Jeff Springborn, president and chief operating officer of LightEdge.  “His experience in ITIL® processes, extensive knowledge of networking and leadership will further differentiate LightEdge as the leading end-to-end provider of technology services and support.”

As leader of the LightEdge support team, Jake will continue to analyze and refine service support processes including the use of ITIL® best practices.  ITIL® provides a set of dynamic and evolving best practices based in the reality of real-world Information Technology professionals rather than academia.  ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world.

Kindle Fire Winner at Iowa Association of Business and Industry Conference

Kindle Fire Winner

Our winner of the Kindle Fire was Myron Linn from Pella Corporation.

LightEdge Exhibits at Iowa Association of Business and Industry

Showing off our new booth with the “Plug In to Enterprise IT” tag line at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry Annual Meeting.  If you are at this meeting, stop by the booth (middle of the main hallway) and drop off a business card to win a Kindle Fire.


Lindsay Alderman featured on Ted Des Moines Website

Guest Curator: Lindsay Alderman, Vendor Relations Manager at Lightedge Solutions

I help support our clients at Lightedge Solutions through our sales and consulting services, and work closely

Favorite TED or TEDx talk:
with our vendors to keep costs low and quality high. When not in the office, I sit on the board for the Young Professionals Connection as the President Elect. I’m an active advocate of the Startup scene in Des Moines and feel the culture of the buzzing tech scene here is infectious. I also serve on the Board of Directors with the Des Moines Social Club, where our mission is to use the Arts to help foster social change – and bring the community together the our various programming events.

I don’t have just one favorite, so I will share the two that have had the most impact on me, personally. The first was Tony Robbins’ “Why we do what we do” talk in 2006. My second most influencial Ted Talk comes from our own TEDxDesMoines and Iowa’s own Angela Maiers: You Matter.

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