Google’s move in Council Bluffs a high-speed leap to future?

Google is seeking federal permission to put a satellite antenna farm near its Council Bluffs data center, a move that experts speculate would enable the California search giant to receive movies and TV shows that could be bundled with the super-fast Internet service it’s developing in Kansas City.

The reason cities competed for the project is clear: The high-speed access will likely mean more businesses will be attracted to Kansas City, and existing businesses will be able to operate more efficiently.

LightEdge Solutions, a Des Moines-based technology consulting firm, plans to open a permanent office in Overland Park, Kan., on April 1 to take advantage of the newly laid fiber in the metro area.

“We consider (Google Fiber) a disruptive technology,” said LightEdge spokesman Scott Riedel. “It’s bringing in so much access that people will start doing things differently.”

Riedel said the core services his company provides, such as cloud computing, information technology and data center consulting, will benefit as more companies move to the area. He said the hope is those businesses will then seek consultations with his firm.

“The idea of Google coming in and giving people access to that enables them to rethink how they are doing things,” he said. “Having Google there and disrupting the market and changing the paradigm will benefit us.”

Google chose to come to Iowa in 2007, when it announced it would build a data center that state officials estimate cost $800 million, so far the largest capital investment in the state’s history.

Google said it chose Council Bluffs for the data center because it sits on a rich backbone of the fiber-optic cables; it has reliable and inexpensive power, which is a tremendous need for data centers; and a strong pool of qualified workers.

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LightEdge Solutions signs lease in Kansas City area LightEdge Solutions, drawn by Google, signs lease in Kansas City area

A Des Moines-based information technology company with its eyes on Google Inc.’s incoming ultra-fast network has selected a permanent sales office space in Corporate Woods in Overland Park.

LightEdge Solutions Inc.  has signed a three-year lease for roughly 2,500 square feet at 9393 W. 110th St., effective April 1.

Four employees will move into the office in April, but LightEdge, which is spending $40,000 on space improvements, plans to hire about six more employees for the location, marketing director Scott Riedel said.

Jennifer Carroll of Stoltz Management, which runs Corporate Woods, represented both the landlord and tenant in the transaction.

LightEdge entered the Kansas City market in September as a way to test a new company model for metropolitan locations.

The company, which needs a lot of bandwidth to provide managed IT and cloud computing services, identified Kansas City because of the 1-gigabit broadband network Google is building in Kansas City and Kansas City, Kan., and because of its proximity to LightEdge’s Iowa headquarters.

The company, which has built data centers in Des Moines, Minneapolis and Moline, Ill., tentatively is planning to build a data center in Kansas City — a potential investment of $18 million to $20 million — if customer needs warrant more data center space.

In the meantime, LightEdge is leasing local data center space from 1102 Grand LLC in Kansas City, where it plans to access the Google Fiber network.

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